Topic: Release 2.3.23


This is a 2.3.23 bugfix release.


  • Restoring compressed sql files sometimes failed due to nasty bug in php gzfile function.

  • Fixed 'C' english language display on Install/Update Languages page, to allow its selection on first page.

  • Fixed deprecated preg_replace in php >= 5.3.0 with the /e flag in utf8 reports.

  • Fixed ECB URLs 'Moved permanently' problem.

  • Better CSS for combobox select.

  • Fixed warning about non-existing HTTP_USER_AGENT session variable on some Plesk configurations.

  • Fixed warning during database restore.

  • Further fixes to javascript multiple class handling.

  • Fixed problems with latin2 encoding due to changes in htmlspecialchars() behaviour in newer php versions.

  • Extended length of email entries in company and locations settings.

  • Moved page number on reports, when more than 1 page, on documents down 2 lines.

  • Currency filter not working in documents.

  • Fixed many issues in output HTML code according to HTML 4.01 Transitional format.

  • Additional cleanups in standard themes.


  • Improved layout Reports Customer Balances.

  • Fixed contact record creation when new customer is added (reference/name were superseded).

  • Fixed false quantity on hand errors on sales delivery.

  • Fixed Quote Valid Days in System and GL Setup, Setup section.

  • Missing update of shipping tax when crediting an invoice.

  • Fixed Delivery note bug : Parent constraints not working if sales order line deleted after delivery

  • The aging reports / inquiries had a 1 day error in presentation. Fixed.


  • Wrong domestic opening balance in Report Supplier Balance for currency suppliers.

  • Improved layout Reports Supplier Balances.

  • Purchase order reference was not restored after last PO cancelation.

  • The aging reports / inquiries had a 1 day error in presentation. Fixed.


  • Improved calculation of standard cost in advanced manufacturing even if qoh = 0.

  • Allow search by Id in search work orders.