Topic: GL Transactions Report with details

When one issues an invoice with multiple items in it, the description line is not used when printing the GL Account Transactions report. So the report would look something like the following:

Type                Ref      #      Date             Dim             Person/Item                Debit        Credit           Balance
Sales Invoice   1034   161  03/11/2014                     Abc Ltd/john                              100.00            -4000
Sales Invoice   1034   161  03/11/2014                     Abc Ltd/john                                20.00            -4020
Sales Invoice   1034   161  03/11/2014                     Abc Ltd/john                                10.00            -4030
Sales Invoice   1034   161  03/11/2014                     Abc Ltd/john                                60.00            -4090

As one can imagine the items in the invoice were all different items. So why are they not showing in the report?
Am I missing something here?


Re: GL Transactions Report with details

The Item descriptions are not saved when transferring to GL. There is not enough room for this on the transaction line.
There are several reports in the Items and Inventory Reports.


Re: GL Transactions Report with details

Thanks Joe for the reply.
It is true that there are other reports showing the information.
However, it seems that having a report listing the individual entries in an invoice but does not give details of the item is not ideal.

I tried to see if I could create a report that combines the information, but iI couldn't get the link between the GL Transaction data and the individual items in the mentioned invoices.