Topic: Issue with Language

I have installed Frontaccounting 2.1 on a Linux server.
I installed Spanish language through the setup menu option.
I changed to default, changed my preferences, loged out closed browser and still all text would show in Englich only. The same PO and MO files worked perfectly on a windows server.

I assume there may be a PHP parameter I need to check on my server?

I'd appreciate any hints on where to look for solving the problem!

Re: Issue with Language

You must have spanish locales installed on the server with the same encoding as declared on install language page. Without properly configured locales gettext will display english messages.


Re: Issue with Language

Hi Janusz,
With locale you mean the PO and MO files?
As I said I used the same set on a different server and it worked just fine.


Re: Issue with Language

No. I mean setting locale system on your server. Your way may vary depending on linux distribution you are using. Try man locale-gen to know more. And as always google search is your friend.