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Topic: FA - Tamil Translation

The standard FA Repo does not as yet have any Tamil Translation.

If anyone has done it hitherto - please provide it to the project.

A small start has been made in doing it afresh. Around 230 (out of around 3000)  strings have been translated, compiled and attached herein along with screenshots to enable others to contribute as well.

In debian squeeze the following were done to get it working:

# locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 ta_IN UTF-8 en_US.ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-1
sed -i -e 's/# en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8/en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8/' /etc/locale.gen
sed -i -e 's/# en_US ISO-8859-1/en_US ISO-8859-1/' /etc/locale.gen
sed -i -e 's/# ta_IN UTF-8/ta_IN UTF-8/' /etc/locale.gen
dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=noninteractive locales
update-locale en_US ISO-8859-1 en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8 ta_IN

The translation files were uploaded to lang folder.

A element was added to the array in lang/installed_languages.inc which now became:


/* How to make new entries here for non-packaged languages:

-- 'code' should match the name of the directory for the language under \lang
.-- 'name' is the name that will be displayed in the language selection list (in Users and Display Setup)
-- 'rtl' only needs to be set for right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew
-- 'encoding' used in translation file
-- 'version' always set to '' for manually installed languages.
-- 'path' installation path related to FA root (e.g. 'lang/en_US').

$installed_languages = array (
  0 => 
  array (
    'code' => 'C',
    'name' => 'English',
    'encoding' => 'iso-8859-1',
  1 => 
  array (
    'code' => 'en_US',
    'name' => 'English US',
    'encoding' => 'utf-8',
    'path' => 'lang/en_US',
  2 => 
  array (
    'code' => 'ta_IN',
    'name' => 'Tamil IN',
    'encoding' => 'utf-8',
    'path' => 'lang/ta_IN',

$dflt_lang = 'C';

Login to the default company as admin and navigate to Setup -> Install/Activate Languages and choose the ta_IN radio button. Logout and Login again and the Tamil Login Interface will come up.

If you are using PoEdit to compile the .po to .mo file, then in Windows, the following utility (make_mo.bat) will come in useful when placed and executed from where the .po file is:

set langname=ta_IN
set poedpath=C:\Program Files\Poedit\bin\
copy %langname%.po "%poedpath%"
set abc=%cd%
cd "%poedpath%"
msgfmt %langname%.po -o %langname%.mo

move %langname%.mo "%abc%"
del %langname%.po
cd %abc%
set abc=

Useful Links:
TamilCUBE Dictionary
TamilDict Dictionary
Google Translate
gxlate - My PHP function to obtain a single Google translated string without the use of any Google Translate API key.

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Re: FA - Tamil Translation

I am really glad to see FA in Tamil Translation .

Re: FA - Tamil Translation

For now this translation is far incomplete (226/2770), we can't make it available via our extension repo yet.
All native translators are welcome smile


Re: FA - Tamil Translation

It is a chicken and egg situation.

Unless this incomplete one is available, those interested in Tamil version of FA will not be able to see it in action and hence come forward to develop it and assist in it's translation.

Unless it is fully complete, Tamil-only audience will not fully benefit.

As the lead developer, it's your take on the way forward.

Planettel has an OpenVZ template with Tamil and Arabic incorporated for those interested in it off the shelf.

Re: FA - Tamil Translation

Now in my GitHub Repo - Unofficial Translation of 251/2996 strings.

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Re: FA - Tamil Translation

Updated the Tamil language files in my GitHub Repo with 322/2997 strings translated.

Make sure that the dejavu fonts are installed.

Upload to lang folder and append to array in lang/languages_installed.inc file as in first post in this thread.

In Debian Squeeze, Tamil fonts are installed with:

apt-get install ttf-tamil-fonts
sed -i -e 's/# ta_IN UTF-8/ta_IN UTF-8/' /etc/locale.gen
dpkg-reconfigure --frontend=noninteractive locales
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Re: FA - Tamil Translation

Issue #6 is open in my unofficial GitHub Repo for Tamil Language installation with screenshots.

Re: FA - Tamil Translation

As discussed, I am ready to participate in Tamil translation. Let me know the steps to carry out this exercise.

Re: FA - Tamil Translation

Attached is the latest full PO that needs the blank strings to bear the translations. Use NotePad++ and choose encoding to be UTF-8 without BOM.

The file is also in my unofficial GitHub repo.

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