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Topic: TAX -> Vat 2.1.0 RC

Hi Guys,

In the SO's/DN Inv etc there is a  fields wiich use word tax instead of VAT. I have followed the forums advice and checked  doctext, doctext2, header2 and PDF_report   files to see where the "Your TAX id, our TAX id and Total Delivery/Order Incl. TAX"  is pulled from   

All these files use the word VAT and not TAX  Please  help I am at a loss


Re: TAX -> Vat 2.1.0 RC

It comes from the language po file in /lang/xx_YY/LC_MESSAGES/xx_YY.po.
This language file has it's text extracted from the source code.
The language en_GB should be default, and fi the en_US.po have som texts translated, but the texts in the source might have a bad translation, because it is called VAT in Britain, right?


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Re: TAX -> Vat 2.1.0 RC

thanks Joe, so how do I fix this ?

It seems sensless to call this info from file  /lang/xx_YY/LC_MESSAGES/xx_YY.po. when its perfect in the the ones it should be calling it from  ie   the doctext anf header files !

do I load another lang ? I can not edit  en_US.mo 

In South Africa we use the term VAT   


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Re: TAX -> Vat 2.1.0 RC

ok sorted ...I changed the lang in prefrences now picks up the term VAT