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I require a South African SME CoA, but the listed FA template CoA's including the South African supplied version (which is absurdly incorrect), don't adequately comply with statutory accounting rules/requirements.

I've created a standardised South African SME CoA template, in MS Excel - its not an in-depth laborious chart, as this allows the FA user to adapt it to suit his business/service/industry!

Unfortunately my programming skills are rusty, and to actually go and remaster this skill will simply take too long and/or be a waste of my time...

Therefore, I require the help from one of the FA administrators/developers to take the MS Excel file and migrate or adapt it for FA, and use this as a correct template CoA for South Africa.

Is there a specific format that I have to follow for the Chart Classes, Groups, Sub-Groups, et al?

Please advise or assist me?

Re: CoA for South Africa

Just send the exported excel file, and I will try to help you create a South African COA. You can use my email address or the contribution email on the Contact us page.


Re: CoA for South Africa

Or just copy paste in the forum.
Or edit the sql for the existing SA CoA.

Re: CoA for South Africa

What happened to the existing CoA for South Africa.

It seems that with 2.4.8 it is now the standard American chart of accounts?

With 2.3 there was an elaborate chart of accounts.


Re: CoA for South Africa

Place your chart of accounts in the sql folder and you will get to use it.
Generate your Chart here.