Topic: Items Used Internal

l have FA 2.3.21 running perfectly but l'm having issue on how to treat items used internally for the company.

Example: l have items (Computers 10 QTY) in my  Items & Inventory and l used 3QTY  internally how do l treat it in FA?

I will appreciate your help.


Re: Items Used Internal

You could set them as 'not for sale'.

But you still need to handle this correctly in the GL
Talk to a local accountant about that.


Re: Items Used Internal

Thanks for your reply Joe, please where do l set up it 'not for sale'.? because l have check under Items & Inventory l can't find where to set it up for 'not for sale'.

l will appreciate your reply.

Re: Items Used Internal

Ah, it is called 'Exclude from Sales. Please forgive me.