Topic: New Company User ID becomes...?


This might be a silly question...but I have tried everything and can't figure it out.

I am setting up a new company via my Administrator login...I add the password for the new company, but I am never asked what User ID I will assign to it. Obviously, when I logoff as Administrator and try to log in as company A, I can´t log in because frankly, I cannot determine which field of the ones filled out in the Company Creation form I should use.

Is it the company full name as such ?
Is it the MYSQL user or database name ?

Please help !!


Re: New Company User ID becomes...?

You can only create new companies when you are logged in as Administrator on the first company you created (super admin).
When you create a new company, you enter the Company name, the database details, choose a script (chart of accounts etc) from sql folder, and in the last text box you enter the password for the admin user (as it says). This admin user is created automatically.
You can later create other users for the company.