Topic: Change of License, the decision.

Hello dear friends,

Our initial plans were to release 2.1 beta with the AGPLv3 license.

After following the discussion regarding AGPLv3 vs. GPLv3 in the license thread on the Whish-List forum, and after getting loads of emails,
and after talking with people around us, we found that too many were afraid of the AGPLv3 license. We have therefore decided to release 2.1 beta with a GPLv3 license.

This was not an easy decision to make and the authors were not agreed either. We had to find a concensus and it was the GPLv3.

We are aware of that we are not satisfying all parties with this decision, but nevertheless the only difference between these two licenses
is the ASP (Saas) loophole for networked scripts. The license is subject to change in next release if we find better solution satisfactory for all
interested parties.

Many debaters in various forums feel that the AGPLv3 license is what the GPLv3 should have been. Maybe it will end here somewhere in the future.

So we are now releasing 2.1 beta again under the license GPLv3. As soon as the headers are ready this release (and utilities) will be available
for download.

The Development Team

Re: Change of License, the decision.

Are you able to tell us what the main differences are?

Re: Change of License, the decision.

Please read this topic

It will show you the differences.