Topic: Accumulated Dimensions (on Reports)?

I don't know if that should be a 'Report Feature' or an internal approach of Dimension system itself, but it would be very useful if we could have accumulated results of two (or more) particular dimensions together!   
For example, I would like to have accumulated results (reports, ledger, etc) of combined transactions on Dimension A + B  or A + C (dimension A used as a 'common' appendage on both B and C dimensions!)

Is there any way to do this with the current version of FrontAccounting Dimension/Reporting system?

If I use the 2-level Dimension setup, it would be able to declare some transactions belonging either only at B (or C) Dimension either at both B and C?

Re: Accumulated Dimensions (on Reports)?

No, this is not possible. But you can always write a special module that does that. Look on the Download Modules for how to do this.