Topic: Multiple Line Items - Same Item

EdgeERP and WebERP allow multiple lines of the SAME item on an order / invoice.  The reason is in the telco business, a call is priced differently based on termination or tiered pricing.

I see the DBschema uses the ORder and Item as keys and dows not use a 'counter' per line item.  This would allow for additional lines of the same item.


Conference Call:  Minutes are included as part of a standard monthly price while anything over that is billed separately.  So the first set of calls would be on a line with 100% discount, the others would carry a price.

Also would be nice to have re-occurring Orders (subscriptions for example) that are billed monthly as well as tiered price plans (I know that is a bit Telco specific)

I Love the interface of frontaccounting and prefer not to go the webERP / EdgeERP route.

Re: Multiple Line Items - Same Item

I've seen both approaches. If you have many lines you could 'forget' that you already have entered one before. Then it would be nice to automatically add it to the former line and there you can correct it. Another approach would be to add these items with different prices to a new article. I'm not sure what is best. Probably others out there have some viewpoints?
Yes, we are considering a re_occurring Order or permanent orders in a coming release.