Topic: Release 2.3.16


This is a 2.3.16 release, and is considered as stable.


  • New and better favicon.ico file

  • Reverse order of transaction in admin/view void transaction (last transaction appears on the first page)

  • Fixed problem with MIME headers in emailed documents on gmail (pdf files encoded in email body instead of attachment).


  • Improvement in Customer Detail Listing (general notes added)

  • Fixed charge customer address in Sales Order report

  • Fixed bugs when printing Recurrent Invoices.

  • When using templates for delivery and invoice, the lines and comments were missing.

  • Crediting an invoice in transactions stated wrong invoice date.

  • Improved Customer Balances Report. Option to choose last column as balance.

  • Add customer filter in Invoice report

  • Oustanding Orders Inquiry can be sorted by Customer, Ref and Order date.

  • Fixed rounding error (not filtering some 0.00 transactions) in Customer Statement report

  • Add Clear/Reset quantity button to sales order delivery (handy when doing partial delivery of a big order).

  • Optional switch in config file for sorting document lines by item code during Sales Order/Direct Delivery/Direct Invoice edition.


  • Improvement in Supplier Detail Listing (general notes added)

  • Removed voided transactions from Supplier Balances report.

  • Fixed dimensions support in supplier invoice: supplier dimension (if any) overrides stock item defined dimension.

  • Improved Supplier Balances Report. Option to choose last column as balance.

  • Supplier credit note was not properly checked against sufficient quantity on hand.

  • Changed supplier payment to accept amount in foreign currency instead of exchange rate.

Items and Inventory

  • New Costed Inventory Movement Report added (rep308.php).

  • New Items Sales Summary Report.

  • Added 'Item Like' parameter to Stock Sheet Report allowing SQL LIKE or regexp filtering by item code.

  • Added 'All locations' option in Stock Movements inquiry.

  • Auto search after location, user or item change in outstanding orders inquiry.


  • Advanced assembly can now work with empty BOM. (use Issue for adding items).


  • Dimension view balances were not updated after change in date range selection.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Added Work Order selection option in types list selector in Journal Inquiry.

  • Option in config file to exclude balanced transactions for past years from Brought forward column in Trial Balance.

Re: Release 2.3.16

Sweet! Could we have a patch file with only the changed files, like apmuthu provided with 2.3.15? I don't know if there are more people out there,  but I wouldn't mind one  with every release.

Plus, a link in the news item to the corresponding forum post might also be a good idea, to make  it easier to comment. :-)

Re: Release 2.3.16

Hi, just downloaded frontaccounting, and begin installation but i'm getting this error:
Cannot download repo index file.

I have no problems with the preliminary requirements page, the only thing is that I'm behind a proxy, does this affect me?, I can install the aplication without problems but i need to set it up in another languaje

Re: Release 2.3.16

FA v2.3.16 is synched with the unstable v2.4.

The diff file set from v2.3.15 to v2.3.16 is attached herein. Minor SQL changes pertaining to extra fiscal years and default company fiscal year are needed (see the sql file diffs).

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