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I was checking my data input of inventory via exporting to cvs and open it with excel. Few entries whose description involves "," seems to be awry.

The description through the website displays correctly, but within CVS, the description portion after the "," is in another field.

I had read this posting
and change within CVS:

6-lb (2.7 kg) convertible weight insert [description column] with bolts [category column]

6-lb (2.7 kg) convertible weight insert \, with bolts [description column]

import it and now the website displays exactly like this:
6-lb (2.7 kg) convertible weight insert \, with bolts

So, this moving to another column issue, is it just the script issue, but will not affect the overall program, or it will?

Thank you.

Re: inventory cvs ","

I don't have a real solution but maybe a workaround: if every comma in your item descriptions is followed by a space, you can do the following:

- in a text editor, open the csv file and replace string pattern ", " with "##"
- import the csv file in excel. This will look alright after importing
- in excel, replace every occurrence of "##' with ", "

In order to export back from excel to FA, do the same in reverse order. It's a hassle but it should work.

Re: inventory cvs ","

Which tools you have used to export/import data in CSV format?