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anybody who has installation procedures for FA in linux?

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Linux is not supportet.

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Oh yes it is. Please follw the intall instructions.


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This is no way that FrontAccounting does not work on Linux. In my case Linux is development and production environment as well. Some people tell that Linux need  user's expert knowledge to be used but this is the same urban legend like existence of user friendly Windows wink.

You should copy FA source files to some directory in apache document root folder (depends on distribution e.g.  /var/www for Debian), direct your browser to install directory and follow install instructions. That's all.

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FA is for all OS. it's a PHP based. all you need is a webserver with mysql and php. right admins?

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          Now I installed it in Linux OS. Its working fine. But I want same package which written in JAVA. Let me know is it written in only PHP? And provide me the link for download FrontAccounting written in JAVA.

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FrontAccounting is entirely written in PHP, and there is plenty of good reasons why it is not written in Java. But if you want you can rewrite it to Java. It would be splendid exercise for your knowledge of PHP, Java and typing skill as well smile.


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I am trying to install FA in my ubuntu server with sites managed by ISPConfig. I have created a new site and copy the FA zip file at the root of this site. After unzipping, I am not able to access the install wizard at and getting the 500 Internal Server Error message.

Appreciate if anyone could suggest a solution.

Many thanks.

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This is not a problem with FA, but with your web server, the clue is in the error.

Take a look at your server error logs.  You do not say if you are using a hosted service, what webserver you are using or if you can log at a console as root?

I use apache2 on ubuntu server (running on a VirtualBox VM) so I can answer for that.

500 means that the server engine encountered an error when processing the repsonse, this could be php failing to start or a permissions problem (or probably one of 1000 other things that could be wrong)

In ubuntu, the error logs are in /var/log/apache2/.....

Take a look at error.log and access.log and try and match up the times whith you request.

A common error is that the webserver user (the userid of the process running the webserver and not yourself) does not have permissions over the folder running the script.

The script folder and its contents should be in the group www-data or (rather dangerously) group others.  And have permissions 0774.  Folders should have the x flag for user and group.  There is no need for x flag for php files as they are not being run from the console.

I've never used ISPconfig (looking at it is seems a bit heavy for a standalone server) so I can't comment on what it has done.
If you can still make sense of your apache2 configuration (in /etc/apache2/....) then you should see lines enabling php5 such these distributed amonst various files:
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .php3
DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi index.php index.xhtml index.htm
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
php_flag track_vars On
php_flag register_globals Off
php_value include_path .

Without more info I can't waffle on much more......


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Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate that.

I'm using a dedicated server (Ubuntu) located in a data center. With VMWare I configured two virtual machines also running Ubuntu. One with Zimbra installed for our mail services and the 2nd one with ISPConfig for the websites (Apache2). I can therefore access the virtual machines by SSH as root.

All file ownership already chowned to www-data and permission changed to 774. The server error is still there.

The other websites are using Joomla therefore session.auto_start is off, register_globals is off but magic_quotes is on. Magic_quotes being on should just be a security issue for FA and I expect it would not stop me from installing and running FA.

Anyhow, I am wondering why I'm getting the server error the moment after I unzipped the FA zip. Before that I can browse the standard index.html created by ISPConfig. After unzipping, even browsing also give me server internal error. I must have done something wrong which I am not aware of.

Thanks again.

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After reading my last post, I realise I have not checked the .htaccess file thats come with FA. After tweaking that, now the installation is OK!

Thanks again and regards!

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Linux is a very good operating system, I do not know how the windows people operate,
I have been on linux 100% now for about nine years
best regardss