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I have just started using this software and i am really pleased with it, its perfect for our small company,

i have 1 question and im sorry if i have posted it into the wrong area.

i have created 1 customer and 1 supplier for testing,

i have taken £100 payment from my customer and i have paid to my supplier £40

when i goto banking and general leder - bank statment it shows a £100 debit and a £40 credit

am i wrong but i thought a payment into the business i.e a payment into my bank account would be classed as a credit and a withdraw from the account i.e a payment to a supplier would be a debit.

i am using 2.0.1 please advise


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Here is a little chart I use when I can not remember how accounts are debited, credited, a bank account would be an asset account.

Account Type         Debit           Credit

ASSETS              Increases     Decreases
LIABILITIES       Decreases     Increases
EQUITY               Decreases     Increases
INCOME               Decreases     Increases
EXPENSES       Increases     Decreases



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Re: Hi All

thank you Alvin for your reply.

if i pay money into my account surely that's classed as a credit in to my account, if a bank account is treated as a income account.

so if thats the case, money i take from customers is a credit into my account and money i pay to my suppliers i.e with draw from my account is a debit,

but on my bank statment it shows money into the account under the debit heading no the credit.


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yes I am experiencing this as well..

I entered a deposit into the checking account with a liability account as the other account so as to create a loan to the company. When I checked my bank statement, in FA, it shows a negative balance.

I then voided this transaction, and tried just a journal entry, which was to credit the checking account and the debit side to the liability account. Again when I checked the "bank statement" balance, it shows a negative balance.

It seems kindof counter-intuitive that making a deposit into the checking account should take money out of it.

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Alvin illustrates what is going on in the accountancy in a fantastic way.
Bank Deposits. If you enter a liability account with an amount and process the payment,it will be shown exactly as alvin illustrates.


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The reason you are confused about credit is probably because when you're bank tells you you have 'Credit' in your account - it actually means from THEIR ledger's perspective. When you deposit money into your account, they DR their cash account, and CR your customer account.

Assets Up = CR (for you).