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Topic: Arabic Language

Hello every one ,
    i would love to support all of this wonderful job by me to translate it to Arabic and support anything about Arabic in forum or the script it self .

if you kindly interest show me the way and i'm yours always


Re: Arabic Language

Sounds great,
You can probably use the existing ar_EG language files. I think you should consentrate on release 2.0. These language files can be downloaded from Sourceforge.net.
On the download page here, there are some instructions on how to do the translations.
BTW, we have some problems finding a good farsi font for PDF. Maybe you can help us here as well. Please look in the download section and feeds section.

Glad to have you on board smile


Re: Arabic Language

Thanks for your interest : ) i'm so glad ,

you can get a lot of Farisi Fonts from :


i will work today to see how can i start the translation can't wait to do a lot in here


Re: Arabic Language

Hello again ,
  i got examination at school had no chance to continue with translation,
wish you please let me know how i can do translation from A to zero i would run to complete it so you may show me the guidance

thanks so much smile