Topic: Displaying Arabic languge not work well

Hi all
I am glad to write you,
I am using FA (, Windows XP, Xampp (1.7.0),
After installing the Arabic languge from setup/add-updating language when choose arabic language before login appear unknow characters instead of arabic
so to display the arabic well i must change the browsering encoding manual every time (Windows-1265), i did that for each page redirect to it,

What is the problem?
can anyone help me?
thanx in advance

Re: Displaying Arabic languge not work well

I don't think the Arabic languages package is updated fully. If you want to do that, please update the language (see a sticky topic about how to do that). When updated please share the update with us, so we can put it in the repository.


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Re: Displaying Arabic languge not work well

In  the file ../lang/ make sure your language has 'encoding' => 'UTF-8'
file PHP.ini add --> character-set-server = utf8
file my.ini (windows) or my.cnf (linux) add-->  character-set-server = utf8