Topic: Backup

I'm Using a Linux Server

FrontAccounting 2 RC2

When I try to make a Backup I get an Error
"Backup paths have not been set correctly.   Please contact System Administrator. - cannot find backup directory - ../company/0/backup/"

Please Help

Re: Backup

Seems you are using new source without  updating directory tree in company folder. All needed directory are created while adding new company and also should be added in update process. You can also add this directory manually. Make sure it is writable by www server process.


Re: Backup

Thanks for your reply itronics

If I hear you correctly. Are you saying that the Company Files/Folders are under the "company/0" Folder to backup ?
Well I am using Linux and Under my "company" folder all I have is "index.php" nothing else.

I have installed FA2RC2 and all seems to work ok. I just do not seem to be able to either backup or create a new Company

Any Ideas ?

Re: Backup

Yes, you have very good hearing wink.

You should have in company folder per-company sub-folders named after company prefix: 0, 1 etc. In every company sub-folder you should have at least following directories: js_cache, backup, images, pdf_files and reporting. Normally all this per-company tree is created when you start new company. These are working directories for various FA modules made to separate company of each other.
Simply try to add new company and you should end with described directory structure.


PS. The directory structure is the same on Linux as well as Win. I also use Linux, so you can trust me smile.