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I am evaluating frontaccounting for use in a small business operation but I need to create a COA for use in Thailand. From the forum I realize users are not able to set up their own COA. I can make a comma separated file for anyone who can make a COA for use by Thai companies.

Please can anyone tell me what are the fields and formats for the Comma Separated File of COA which can be converted easily?

Thank you all in advance.
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I have answered this topic in the Setup Forum.


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Hi Joe

Can you please let us know if Frontaccouting standards adhere to Thai accounting principles
and standards ?

We are trying to implement frontaccounting to one of small scale organization in Thailand, the above question need to be answere to them.


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I don't know anything about Thai accounting system rules, but it should follow intenational rules, I guess.

Maybe some other can help you regarding this.


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Looks like Thailand appears to follow International Accounting Principles.

Any Thai Accounting professionals would like to check out FA's features and comment on differences?
Any concessions / exemptions for the royalty or special privileged groups?

The reporting standards / requirements can be different everywhere - just build / tweak what reports you need. FA is an open system and can be extended at will.

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Thanks for the quick replay Joe and apmuthu, the links provided are really helpful to understand Thai Accounting Principles.

Yes I feel the same any Thai Accounting professional will be the right person to comment on this.