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Hello Joe,

Thanks for your prompt response to all my questions.

I have a situation right now with backup. When I try to back up, you see the activity bar showing that the backup is being carried out but after some time, the backup is complete but the backup file cannot be found. what do I do.

I was thinking it is the max_execution_time. I increased it and it is still the same thing. there is no error whatsoever. I am using version 2.2.11.

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It should work allright. Maybe you should upgrade to 2.3.3.


Re: Backup file not showing

hello  joe

thanks for your reply.i had to enable the debug feature to let me know what is really happening. This is the error i found.

maximum execution time of 60seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\frontaccounts\includes\db\ in line 112.

where do i correct this. I have gone to php.ini file to increase the max_execution_time but to no avail.

please help.

thanks in advance


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Normally the backup routine runs like a charm.
I guess we should look around. You got that when doing a backup.
Do you see any other errors in your errors.log in the /tmp folder?
Is this a huge company? Huge data?


Re: Backup file not showing

Hello Joe,

thanks for your reply. To be candid, I believe the files are huge because we sell retails and a lot of little transaction you need to enter. so one has to enter like about 70 to 100 records per day.

So how do I resolve this?



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You can try to change max_execution_time in php.ini to some bigger value. But I guess better solution for very big databases is to use external mysql backup, and not rely on  solutions  provided by web tools like phpmyadmin or FA builtin backup service.

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Re: Backup file not showing


  You may try this

mysqldump -u root -h localhost -pPassword123 accountdb > /opt/backup/db/accountdb.sql

Where -pPassword123 should you your Password (Remember to append your password just after the -p)

database name: accountdb (Change to your frontaccounting database name)

Hope it help.