Topic: Backup error !

Hello Joe,

Thanks for making my usage of frontaccounting a success.
I am presently having problems when I try to backup my database. When I click on backup/Restore it takes me to the backup/restore screen. When I click on backup with compression "No". It brings a dialog box with file name backup and file size 499. it is an html file and when you click open on file it brings up a blank page.

what is the problem?



Re: Backup error !

When you press 'Create Baciup' in Backup/Restore FA creates a backup file and displays the name at end. This backup is added to the listbox. There should be no dialog box here with this operation.
Which version are you running?


Re: Backup error !

Hello Joe,

Thanks for your reply. I am using version 2.2.8. The file created when i press backup/Restore is named as "backup" and it is an html file with nothing inside.