Topic: payment issues related to dimension.

Dear Sir

When I pay to supplier from purchase module I can not select dimension that needs for filtering dimension in the report afterwords. I thought as I assigned him (supplier) in a dimension during the creation of him, so all transitions will goes to his/her dimension. But I was wrong. It does not go to any dimension according to his/her dimension as I assigned. Then why you keep field "dimension 1" there (Purchase->Maintenance->Suppliers)? Or why I should pay to supplier without selecting any dimension if I planed for using dimension. Therefore I must use bank payment only. So “payment to supplier” option from supplier module can not be used in my case. It would be better for me if there (Purchase->Transaction-> Payments to Suppliers) have dimension option or if all transaction goes to according to supplier dimension (As I assign during creation of new supplier). Please clear me.

Thank you.

Re: payment issues related to dimension.

Please see answer to this topic under Accounts Receivables Forum.