Topic: Database Error !!!

Hello Joe

thanks for your continuous response to all my question.

There is this error that my entry clerk told me ocurred.
By user rights and privilege, she can only enter invoices and cant enter payment.
two days back, she entered and invoice and surprisingly, a payment was created for that same invoice. When you try to click the invoice number to open it, it displays the following errors:
DATABASE ERROR: no debtor trans found for given params sql that failed was: SELECT 1_debtor_trans.*, ov_amount + ov_gst + ov_freight +ov_freight_tax + ov_discount AS Total, AS DebtorName, 1_debtors_master.address, AS email2, 1_debtor master *********************. and so on.

Please what is the cause of this error.

thanks in advance joe


Re: Database Error !!!

If the user has a POS setting and she is doing a direct invoice and it is a cash invoice then the payment is done in one step.

I cannot say what went wrong.
Please run a System Diagnostics and set $go_debug in config.php to 1, just to try to catch any errors.
Which version are you referring to?
After answering these questiong I will try to reproduce it.


Re: Database Error !!!

Hello Joe,

Thanks for your response. i really appreciate it. The version I am using is 2.2.8. I will also check the solution you gave me and see how it goes.