Topic: can not login for first time

      Have just installed front accounting on to a shared hosting server.
could not install by the auto so manual installed, uploaded the sql file via phpmyadmin.
set the db conect file to my details
now when i go to login for the first time. i just get the user name password don't match.
have even created new user in db but the same thing.

its a linux hosted server.
i have phpmyadmin access,
have looked over the db and it all seams ok so don't know what is happening,
any ideas anyone.

db is the blank one by the way.

Re: can not login for first time

Hello wildkactus

The system where you running Front Accounting is not important as the software works  correct on Win as well as on any Linux flavour.

If you have db tables filled via phpmyadmin you should also enter database connection parameters to config_db.php manually. Finally you should have access to account 'admin with login 'password'.


Re: can not login for first time

yes all that,but no luck it keeps telling me that the username and password don't match.
I'am going to reinstall from scratch again, and see if that does it.

Re: can not login for first time

all fixed, just started again and now all ok.

thanks for a good program.