Topic: About Revenue / Cost Accruals Module

Hi there.
I'm just trying to use Revenue / Cost Accruals module and I think it's very useful. I have few ideas about it.
1. Is it possible to add custom memo to JE made by Revenue / Cost Accruals  module? because the default is just add memo about the amount accrued and I think we need better memo just in case we want to track those JE.

2. If I accidentaly made mistake on making accrued cost/revenue is it possible to abort the accrued process made by Revenue / Cost Accruals module? for now I have to reverse the JE made by that module one by one.

3. Is it possible to use Revenue / Cost Accruals to help counting asset depreciation/amortization on straight line method? My thought is I just put the economical value of the asset on the amount and on the Accrued Balance Account we put the Accumulated Depretiation Account COA and on Cost Account we put Depr. Exp COA then set the period to 12 months

Oh and I think this module should become default on the next release.

Re: About Revenue / Cost Accruals Module

Hello e-prast
1. A memo-field has been added to the Accruals. Just download the module again from the Website and replace the file accruals.php with the new one.
2. First you can look at the transaction lines without any actions (Show GL Rows) and next you will also get a warning before processing. I think this is enough.
3. In release 2.3, the Quick Entries (for Journal Entry) has been extended to also be based on balances. So here you can setup Quick Entries for depritiations.

And yes, this module will be included in the core in 2.4, I guess. You should be able to use this module in 2.3 without any changes.