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Hello Joe,

I just ran into this problem. when I want to print customer balance report, salesman report and some other reports in inventory using pdf it shows that warning triangle. I went into the config.php file to enable error report and this is what it shows me when i want to print in PDF.

%PDF - 1.3
3.0 obj
<<Type/ Page
1 Parent /OR
1 mediaBox [00595.28 841.89]
1 Resource 20R
1Contents 4 ) R >>
4 0 obj   <</Filter/StateDecode/
Length 2096>>
then funny symbols will apprear

how do i correct this.
funny enough if i click a category in the a Customer in customer Balances to print it will print it in PDF but when I want it to print all, it will bring the above error.

secondly, my login page showed this error after i enable debug.
"Undefined variable: power_url infile: c:\zampp\htdocs\frontaccounting\access\login.php at line 73"
"Undefined variable: power_url infile: c:\zampp\htdocs\frontaccounting\access\login.php at line 136"
"Undefined variable: power_url infile: c:\zampp\htdocs\frontaccounting\access\login.php at line 139"

please help


Re: PDF printing Errors

Strange, I can not reproduce this error. Something seems to be out of sync, in including the config.php.
Do you see something strange in the error_log?


Re: PDF printing Errors

I encounter similar situations in printing pdf files.
Small-sized pdf file is OK but not big pdf files.

See whether this help:-

Turn off pdf-debug.
i.e. $pdf-debug=0 in config.php

Print the report to pdf.
Ignore Warning triange.
See whether there is any pdf file report in company/0/pdf_files/

If there is, download it to your client folder by ftp to see whether your report is indeed stored on this folder.

You can turn off javascript to have the pdf report shown properly.
But a few functions must be Javascript-enabled!

Could FA-Development Team help?

Re: PDF printing Errors

Timeout for all report generations is now longer which should prevent unexpected  timeouts. Related code  changes has been send to main CVS, and will be available with next minor FA release. Thanks for pointing problem out.

Re: PDF printing Errors

Where is the report generation timeout set?