Topic: Customising my Reports

Hello Joe,
Thanks to your crew for this wonderful software. kudos to you all.
I want to know if I can customize the reporting of FA to reflect some fields that are not presently shown in the invoice. I am thinking of using it for an existing business that already has a printed invoice with blank spaces where values of what is due a customer and the customer balance is printed and the duration for the invoice printed. this preprinted invoice already has a format that these values appear. can FA handle it for me.



Re: Customising my Reports

Hi, thanks for your nice words. I am sorry to tell that we do not support preprinted invoices in the core. The reason is obvious. There are so many preprinted invoice models, that this is impossible.
We have been thinking on some kind of a document generator, but not fully agreed on a solution.
However, the document form is printed by /reporting/includes/, so you will have to remove the unwanted pre-printed fields and adjust the other fields.