Topic: Inventory Movement Transaction

Hello All,

I am Using FA for my business and i have about 3 branches. I want the branches/location to handle their individual expenses from their sales. How can I use FA to implement this.
moreso, when creating unit of measurement, what is the function of the decimal places there?
I do I know the breakdown of the stock a particular customer in a location has purchased from that location. I.e. where do i get the reports for a particular location transaction.
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Re: Inventory Movement Transaction

In most of the Item reports you can select the location for your report.
There is no breakdown on branches. If you want to break your sales here you should use different sales accounts for the branches or you should use dimensions for this.
An alternative is to create your own reports and place them in /company/X/reporting folder. The name should be the same f.i. rep301.php for the first item report. Here you can use the original report as a template to create your own report(s).