Topic: Trial balance doesn't balance

I entered two sales invoices, and they posted correctly to Sales and Taxes, with a DR to Accounts Receivable.

Then the cash payment correctly CR A/R, however, the DR went into no where land... in other words, I have no idea how the transaction posted. The trial balance is out of balance now as a result. The entries posted as follows:

          DR      CR
Sales        |  X
A/R     X   |

And then

        DR      CR
A/R         |   X
????   X

The  ??? represents a blank account that I can not trace.
I would include a screen shot if I could, but I don't believe PunBB allows me too.

As this is a fairly new install, is there a setting I may have missed?

Re: Trial balance doesn't balance

This should never happen, so I guess there is some problem with your database content, namely bank account setup.GL account used in selected bank account should be debited.


Re: Trial balance doesn't balance

I agree it should not happen.

I could not trace the problem, and as this is a new install, I have re-installed the program and going thru the setup.

Your responses on this forum to me and others is always so much appreciated.