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Topic: Excel output error

I'm still using FA 2.3.22 for various reasons and happy with it. 
I have just installed the Transaction import module which is working ok (as far as I have used it so far). However, now since installing the module, when generating reports under Banking & General Ledger-Reports and Analysis and directing to Excel, the format has an error so the file doesn't load properly. Viewing in a Hex editor it now adds 0D 0A (CRLF) to the start of the file. By deleting these the file will open correctly as it always has previously.

Has anyone had this problem? Seen a similar issue on here but only with a workaround.

Re: Excel output error

Support on older versions is difficult. A lot has been changed in FA and PHP both..


Re: Excel output error

Check which version of Excel you are using.
The module worked well with Excel 2007.
Try saving as xls format and try too.