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Topic: Add ability to manage documents associated with items

Manufacturing companies have lots of documentation, such as technical drawings, and item specific documentation that needs to be managed in association with inventory items. 

I suggest adding the ability to upload documents associated with inventory items and the ability to add a description of the attachment and any associated notes with a link to view or download the attachment and to delete the attachment.  I imagine this as an additional "Document" or "Attachments" tab on the item maintenance screen.

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Re: Add ability to manage documents associated with items

Better to manage with a separate Open Source Application for Document Management so that the backup of FA can remain small.
1. OpenDocMan - https://github.com/opendocman/opendocman - https://www.opendocman.com/free-download/
2 PaperMerge - https://papermerge.com/ - https://github.com/papermerge/papermerge-core
3. Alfresco - https://www.alfresco.com/ecm-software/alfresco-community-editions - https://github.com/Alfresco
4. OpenKM - https://www.openkm.com/en/open-source-document-management-system.html - https://github.com/openkm/document-management-system
5. Krystal DMS - https://www.krystaldms.in/products/community/ - https://www.github.com/primeleaf/krystaldms-community-edition
6. LogicalDOC - https://www.logicaldoc.us/en-us/download-logicaldoc-community - https://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/
7. Kimios - https://www.kimios.com/ - https://github.com/kimios/kimios
8. Mayan EDMS - https://www.mayan-edms.com/ - https://gitlab.com/mayan-edms/mayan-edms
9. SeedDMS - https://www.seeddms.org/ - https://sourceforge.net/projects/seeddms
10. OpenProduc - http://jhierrot.github.io/openprodoc/ - https://github.com/JHierrot/openprodoc

Attached is the notes of my failed experiment on installing Mayan EDMS on Debian 11 (bullseye) LXC VM where the redis server could not be started but workarounds for all else till then are listed.

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Re: Add ability to manage documents associated with items

Thank you for the reply.  I looked at your suggested doc management projects, however, for my company, I'm concerned document management would become fragmented and detached from part numbers as well as customers, and would create two places employees need to look for item related data.  I do understand your concern about the back up size issue, which over time would become significant.  The backup problem could be handled by a persistent cloud storage service through an API such as Amazon S2.  Perhaps an extension could be developed that could add the functionality to FA, but offload the document storage and backups, which would eliminate the FA backup concern.

Re: Add ability to manage documents associated with items

Hi mappolon,

I'am using Nextcloud as a customerportal where customers can view there invoices, creditnotes, ...

Added two fields in db :
nextcloudfolder (the nextcloudfolder where invoices, ... need to be saved/are saved)
nextcloudlink (the URL-sharelink to view the invoices, ... in a browser)

Added these fields in FA-applicationfiles where needed.

You can do the same for articles.

Kind regards,

Re: Add ability to manage documents associated with items

Instead of new fields, a nextcloud path can be stored in the sysprefs table and the sharelink can be computed from a derived format of the invoice (or any other asset) ID. If nextcloud provides for some random string then it's ID value can be leveraged as otherwise a reverse link would have to be stored in some FA table's field anew.