Topic: GL accounts and sub-accounts


I'm new to FrontAccounting (and to accounting software), and I picked FA as the one with the most recent update on Freshmeat, so maybe I'm going to ask an obvious question.

I'm looking at Banking and General Ledger -> GL Accounts, and if I understand correctly this is the place where I'm supposed to enter new and country specific accounts. I want to add sub-accounts to the default accounts.

So, for example, instead of having:

5430 - Benefits A
5440 - Benefits B
5450 - Benefits C
5460 - Benefits D

I would like to have:

5430 - Benefits
--5431 - Benefits A
--5432 - Benefits B
--5433 - Benefits C
--5434 - Benefits D

Is this possible in FrontAccounting?


Re: GL accounts and sub-accounts

Yes, you should set 5430 as  account group (type).