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I am using FrontAccounting 2.4.14.

Any date that I enter is not accepted. There is no message, it just stays on the entry. The date shows in red.

I have tried changing the fiscal year, and using dates in and out of the fiscal year, to no avail. Only the current fiscal year is open.

Any suggestions?

Re: Date not accepted

The dates become red, when your transaction date is older than today,  Even if you input yesterday it will be in red, which will be for differentiate you to understand that the date is something older,

Sometimes if the current fiscal year or the fiscal years in your system is not current date may be another issue

Sometimes if you select any closed fiscal year or the date which is not in our fiscal year will also give you trouble

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Re: Date not accepted

I did not realise the dates become red. Thank you for that information. I think in the earlier editions this did not happen, but could be wrong.

My problem is that no matter what I do with the fiscal years or dates they will not enter into the system. The entry stays on screen every time.

The dates I am using are in the current fiscal year, but are not accepted. If I change to another fiscal year the dates in that range or any other date is not accepted.

Re: Date not accepted

Having the exact same issue.
For me to process back dated statements I have to enter back dated financial year, but the system does not allow.
It only gives year 2023 to 2024 and does not allow me to make my own selection for the year end (fiscal year)

Any idea how I can edit my own fiscal year?

If I try to add fiscal year is says "Invalid BEGIN date in fiscal year."

Re: Date not accepted

If you have not closed the old fiscal year then set it as the active one and edit at will.

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it only gives
start 28-02-2023
end 31-03-2024

and fiscal year is not closed
and if I click to edit or add...Keeps saying "Invalid BEGIN date in fiscal year."
I tried to add for example
start 28-02-2020
end 31-03-2021
Im using Version 2.4.16

Re: Date not accepted

Change that range as your current fiscal year and make entries
. It will allow you to perform it

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Re: Date not accepted

Where can I change range...
I'm searching with no luck

Re: Date not accepted

TO be clear when i start a new company it already has a fiscal year of 01/01/2022    12/31/2022
I want to add a new fiscal year 01 August 2021 - 31 July 2022
But it keeps saying "Invalid BEGIN date in fiscal year."
Version 2.4.16
Where do I change the range
There are different year end that need to be setup for each company.
As soon as new company is created it already sets the default year end which is not to my like. If I go to fiscal year it
does not allow me to add my own fiscal year. Please help!

Re: Date not accepted
Will guide you exactly how to do it.

Re: Date not accepted

Thank you managed following the guide

So if I have 50 companies to work on for example with different fiscal years and months, I have to enter 2 times as per the guide until I get to the correct year and month and than work backwards if I have to process 2019 bank statements

01-01-2023 - 31-12-2023 this is default

01-08-2019 - 31-07-2020 example "to process"

Re: Date not accepted

I understand your concern regarding the procedure. It would be nice to have the installation process to prompt the installer for their current fiscal year. This way its easy to start working immediately instead of meddling around fiscal years. Anyway the wiki also suggests an easy and direct way as below:

Tips and Tricks
In a newly setup company, we can change the fiscal year in the table X_fiscal_year where X is the company index number in the array $db_connections in the config_db.php. This can be done using any MySQL client like phpMyAdmin, SQLyog, etc.,.

As for your second concern about Bank Statement I did not exactly understand your question. Can you explain.

Re: Date not accepted

Thank you for the reply.

Bank statements are actually what I'm processing so I was just saying about the fiscal years.

I was using Sage 50c Pastel Accounting before.

Thank you again. Your work is incredible.
Much appreciated.