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I sell most all of the items by weight.  Is there a best practice for setting this up in FA?  On my point of sale system I generated a master item, and then had sub-items for each variation of weight.
Thank you for considering my question.

Re: Items sold by weight

May be this will help you.

Weights we call in grams, kg and tonnes

Create separate unit for each of them.

For kg and ton , we can allow 3 decimals.. Because sometimes you can sell 500grams as 0.500kg.   You can input the decimal in kg to bill the less weight than  full..

Sometimes 1.275 kg. Which get connected in one unit.

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Re: Items sold by weight

Thank you for your reply to my post kvvaradha.
That is a good solution, except then I am keeping track of the weight units sold, as opposed to the gross unit.
Example:  I sell 1 unit that is 5 kg 140 grams.  To invoice and get the correct price, I would be selling 5.140 units @ $3.20 per kg, instead of 1 unit @ $16.45.
One solution would be to have an item for each of the weights that I would be selling, but then I have an issue with what location to receive the items and how to allocate them for sales locations.

Re: Items sold by weight

if you input one kg price in the sales prices tab of that item. that will calculate the price of 5.140kg and give you the price automatically.

Location is very important point when you have multiple locations, 

1. You need to connect the locations with purchase while getting stocks
2. May be use inventory transfers for location to move stock from one to another.
3. Create Sales Points with locations
4. connect with salesman
5. Choose the salesman to customers

And this way sales can also connect right inventory location.

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