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This is a 2.4.14 release, which is mainly a bugfix release, but also contains an improvement and additional security fixes.

More php 8 problems has been fixed. This release should now be PHP 8 compatible. The following versions has been tested: 8.0.0, 8.0.7, 8.0.12 and 8.1.6. In Mysql 8, groups is a reserved word and was fixed by adding Backticks. Was only a problem when no table prefixes was used.

Please report any bugs/problems found via our Mantis Bugtracker at


FrontAccounting should NOT be used via unsecure http protocol. If you really need this - change SECURE_ONLY constant in /includes/ to false (comment in the file added). Unfortunately this option cannot be added in sysprefs/config.php because the settings are not available before session is started.

Download instructions

In Sourceforge FrontAccounting (, select
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.14.

For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.


  • Bug. Add instruction if Login from unsecure server. Fixed. See above under Security.

  • PHP 8. Conversion from float to int loses precision in /reporting/includes/ line 1391. Fixed.

  • PHP 8. Deprecated parameter in imagefilledpolygon. More float to in problems. Fixed.

  • File /lang/new_language_template/LC_MESSAGES/empto.po. Typo in ISO_8859-1 => ISO-8859-1. Wrong folder separator \ => /. Files adjustment. Fixed.


  • Customer Payment Entry: Invalid customer discount handling. Fixed.


  • Modifying Supplier Credit: reverted GL Postings. Fixed.

  • Supplier Credit Note: Invalid reference number selected for credit against invoice. Fixed.

  • Feature. Add Supplier Invoice Menu after Supplier Payment. Fixed.

Bank and General Ledger

  • Modifying Supplier Credit: reverted GL Postings. Fixed.

Re: Release 2.4.14

Release date 2022-10-26 as of GitHub commit

SF Download Link
MD5: 723537c07037912f2825c1119f6e8cbf
Filesize: 1,879,196 bytes

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Re: Release 2.4.14

This version now has 2 new translatable strings:

"HTTP access is not allowed on this site. This is unsecure. If you really "
"want to access this unsecure site then set the SECURE_ONLY to false in /"
"includes/ file."

"Enter &Supplier Invoice"

Re: Release 2.4.14


The first string will not show if translated because its coming in the login screen and before the language is set.

Re: Release 2.4.14

Very true. Then how is the Username and Password strings coming in? Probably configuring preferred non english language as the default language in webserver and/or php.ini config files or from the FA config file itself!

The file lang/ can also be where it can be set.

The access/login.php shows that some defaults like encoding and rtl/ltr are hardcoded when $_SESSION['language'] is not yet available.

Otherwise, the sane alternative for other strings are those of the default language of the default company.

Like @joe said, it is best to keep such issues / observations in separate posts outside the release announcement topics. This will keep the clutter down.

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Re: Release 2.4.14

Post Release Fixes attached.


Github Master (Bleeding Edge) Download Link

These fixes can be applied to (overwrite) the release version to be fully functional.

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