Just to get confirmation. Was this feature build into the 2.3.16 or should I still do this manually. Would love it if the features was build in as is Customers and branches.


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I get the following message on Dashboard:

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand:


The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client should not repeat the request without modifications.

I never had an issue with the direct sales invoice to change the branch. Since upgrade to 2.3.13 I get the following message when using direct sales invoice.

"This edit session has been abandoned by opening sales document in another browser tab. You cannot edit more than one sales document at once."

Only one user is logged in and only one invoice.

If I go the long route by creating an invoice, I am able to change the Barch without an issue.




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Farhaj wrote:

I have developed Asset register module.

The question still remains: The current Asset Register is not working at all. Where do we get this one and what is the cost?


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Is there any conversion programs available to convert data from other accounting systems for example Turbo Cash; OSFinancials etc


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As far as I know, Vtiger can handle plugins. Why not use FA as a plugin for Vtiger. There seems to be another commercial accounting solution that can plugin to Vtiger, but it seems pretty useless compared to FA. It would be great if a programm like FA could be used as a plugin on Vtiger.


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I see there was a lot of debate around this topic. any progress to report, since it is very quite?


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Hi Guys

I am also in RSA and wanted to use date format DD/MM/YYYY and set it accordingly in preferences.

I get the same error where the date is displyed still in USA format: MM/DD/YYYY

I use Fire Fox 3.5.3

Vista Home Preium English South Africa.

I tried your response with DD MM YYYY and it worked.

Thanks    smile


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I am new to FA and have been using Turbo Cash, a RSA open source program for long.

I am now trying to get a more network friendly program like FA.

I experience two problems:

1. it seems the training manual is not kept up with the development of the program. It is quite hard to find info if you are not an expert programmer.

2. If I want to print a chart of accounts, how can I do that?

Thanks for your response.


I have assisted TC with their traininmg manaul and are willing to get all the information together if you are interested.