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If you were using my version, and the report showed a bank payment or journal with the bottom memo, was the person a quick entry or a supplier, customer, or miscellaneous name?

yes it was your version on 2.4.6. Was bank cost - payment via Banking and General - Quick Bank Payments

OK have checked it and it seems fine to me.

When you process a bank payment or a journal, there are two memo fields. The one is at the end of the line item and the other one is below the transactions.

The report pulls through the bottom memo and not the line item memo. Clients normally use the line item menu, so that is not pulling through it gives a number 4 or 6

Sorry Lads, been out of action for a while and forgot to subscribe to the topic. I will test now and report back, Just made a new installation with 2.4.6


Report 709 from version 2.3.25 works and give the bank payments and bank deposits VAT correctly.

Do not know what have changes since. Will use the 2.3.25 report until further correct updates.

I implemented the changes from @Braath Waate but no difference.

Still only show the Customer invoices and credit notes and supllier invoices and credit notes. Now bank payments and receipts VAT shows.

Will try reports fro 2.3.25 and see what happens.

What is the official verdict now. I see that when I draw a reports in my GL reports/ GL accounts for my Input and Output Vat all the transactions that was done through the bank payments or Cash payments shows correctly as llocated in the line items when processing the transactions.

When I draw the Tax Report only transactions that was done via the Sales and Purchase invoices show in the report. This means that all my bank costs does not show in the tax report and since they are small amounts I did not realise it until today that I had to submit the supporting documents to the Receiver of revenue. Is there now a Tax report that actually works that will include Bank payments and Deposits?

Urgently needed. This is now a serious flaw (BUG)


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I have asked somewhere before in this regard, but it is till not fixed.

After creation of recurrent invoice you have two options:

1. Print Recurrent Invoice #00 - #00
2. Email Recurrent invoice number #00 - #00

the email link does nothing. If I right click and copy link location I get the following:

1. http://www.mysite/account24/reporting/prn_redirect.php?PARAM_0=1095-10&PARAM_1=1095-10&PARAM_2=&PARAM_3=1&PARAM_4=0&PARAM_5=&PARAM_6=1&REP_ID=107

2. http://www.mysite/account24/reporting/prn_redirect.php?PARAM_0=1095-10&PARAM_1=1095-10&PARAM_2=&PARAM_3=1&PARAM_4=0&PARAM_5=&PARAM_6=1&REP_ID=107

Exactly the same

It does not send any email.

When I go to Customer and sales reports -> Print Invoice -> email customer = yes then it send out an email. "TAX INVOICE IN-01283 has been sent by email to destination. Email:"

Quite frustrating because sometimes I have a number of recurring invoice and then on fall through the crack not mailed to the client.

This issue is still not resolved.

When I go Sales/ Create and Print Recurrent Tax Invoices / Create invoice with new description and date. You get two options:

1. Print recurring invoice
2. Email recurring invoice

1. Print is fine and display and print correctly.
2. Does not email the invoice at all and display no message in the browser that the mail was send.

I then have one of two options to email the invoice:

1. Go to Sales/ Inquiries and Reports / Customer Transactions Inquiry / select the invoice to modify and when finished you save and get the options to print and to email invoice. When emailed from here it sends the email and displays in a green bar confirming that email was send.
2. Go to Sales Reports/ Select the Invoice to print/display/email. Select email options and click display. The email sends and is confirmed as send and received by client.

The previous solutions did not work. I do not know if this send email in the first instance point somewhere else and not the same as the other two. Not sure where to look.



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General Ledger Reports/ List of Journal Entries / Select any of the reports with dates, and none of them have the account name in the "Reference/Account Name" table, only the Invoice / Document reference number in both 2.4.4 and 2.4.6 . I cannot attach an example.

seahawk wrote:

The Purchases/ Inquiries and reports/ supplier transaction inquiry/

It only shows Purchase Order Delivery and nothing else for the supplier.

This was resolved with the above change to the



Under Supplier and Purchasing reports, there is no selection for the print of supplier invoices. Is that deliberatly or a mistake?

Kind regards

The Purchases/ Inquiries and reports/ supplier transaction inquiry/

It only shows Purchase Order Delivery and nothing else for the supplier.


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Why does the Journal Entry Report no longer show the account name? It only shows the reference number.

How can one get the account name to show as well, just makes it easier to link the two if both is displayed.

Had the same issue with Supplier Tax Invoices that did not show, but this fixed it.

This option send 350 old  invoices to the client.

When I created the Recurring Invoices, (Transactions/Create and print recurrent tax invoices) select the invoice, modify and submit the invoice, the option screen then gives you option to Prit, email etc. I then click email Invoice, It does nothing.

When I go to (Inquiries and Reports/Customer transaction enquiry/) and select the invoice to edit the invoice, save and then click email invoice, it sends the email invoice just fine.

I cannot get it figured out, why a it is not sending the email under recurring invoices. Will this be two separate functions, that the one is working and the other one not.

Not the case. It does not even indicate that it is sent after creation via recurring invoices.
When redone through either reports or change of invoice and submit and then emailed it goes through in both cases.

If the SMTP was blocked then no emails will be received or send outside of the recurring invoices either.

Hi nortinos

The system is on online server, and the customer's contacts are correct.

It worked on the 2.3 system before upgrade to 2.4.  When the email invoice is selected, it does not show that the email was sent. It just remains blank. I just assumed that the email was send, but even I did not receive a copy.

On normal direct invoice, it sends the email as well as on reports, Invoices, email invoice.

There must e something else wrong with the recurrent invoices?


I am struggling on 2.4.4 recurring invoice to email the invoice. It creates the invoice and print the invoice correctly, but when I click email invoice, nothing happens. I have to then go to invoices in reports  and select the invoice to email or I must edit the invoice and emal again.

Cannot figure out why the invoice is not emailing after the repeating invoices was created.


Banking and GL / Maintenance / Quick Entries

When setting up these quick entries it requires the following information:

Entry Type:   
Base Amount Description:   
Default Base Amount:

Normally with 2.3 the Base amount description would transfer to the transaction line memo when the quick entry is used.

For example when you setup Banking fee you will use the following:
Description:     Bank Costs - Monthly Fee
Usage:    Monthly Fee
Entry Type:    Bank Payment
Base Amount Description:    Account Fees (This would normaly transfer to the GL account posting in FA2.3) Does not transfer in FA2.4.4
Default Base Amount: Value of the transaction

You also setup an account to post the transaction against:

Posted:    You choose various options

Account:    The GL account that must be used.

Part:     If you want to allocate part to the chosen account and then setup a second account that must get part you will enter amount here as %, depending on which posting option you have chaosen

Line memo: This is new in FA2.4, and I have check if this line now pull through to the GL description when you post the item. Have  Was not in FA 2.3

If you upgraded from 2.3.26 to 2.4.4 you wil have to edit all your quick entries to change the Base amount description and add it in the Line memo.

I have tested this now, and then it will display in the line transaction. This means after upgrade you have to edit all your Quick Entry Lines


Thank you all. It is working now.

In the quick entry setup, Banking and Geberal ledger / Payments/ the base amount description is not transferring to the Memo after the go button is clicked to go.

In 2.3 the description would pull through to the ledger account entry memo in the line item. In 2.4.4 It leaves any of the payments ledger lines memo blank. Also blank description in Recon.

Payments to suppliers and deposit (Customer Payments) show in Recon correct.

Reports/Suppliers/ Aged Supplier analysis, with the following settings:

Show alocated = No
Summary = No or Yes
Suppress Zero's = Yes or no
Graphics = No Graphics.

Reports deos not display.

With Show alocated = Yes, Report displays

Please provide solution.

Using latest Firefox, other reports do display.


Not working. It activates the theme, but no links on the lefthand side at all. To change to another theme I have to go via preferences.


I upgraded my FA to 2.4.4 in order to be able to set my PHP to 7.0 or higher for latest Joomla installations in preparation of Joomla 4.0

On php5.6 I use to use the Exclusive theme, just worked easier with the main links on the left hand side.

After upgrading to 2.4.4 and changing the php to  7.1 the theme is no linger functional.

Must I activate a particular extension or must the theme be updated to function with php7.

Thanks for you feedback.



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Thanks everyone for your input. Much appreciated @poncho1234 and @apmuthu.

Maybe we should be able to create a VAT with dates attached to it.

Lets say that we have a start date and end date for 14% VAT and then create new VAT for 15% with new Start date and end date some date in future untill new VAT rate is created.

I think that people with line item vat per stock item would have a nightmare. Depending on the number of suppliers and clients could also be time consuming.

I will make a copy as a training database and then play around with it to find the best solution for each client.