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I had raised the subject and i got sorted halfway. Refer ->> https://frontaccounting.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=38578#p38578

Anyone who can assist in making quantity on hand show on the printed copy of the purchase order?

Thanks in advance

I got above to work, now what's missing is to make quantity on hand appear on the printed copy.

What file am I meant to update?


Hello team,

How can the subject be arrived at?

It is a control for our firm to avoid overstocking.

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Good job on this, really appreciated.

It seems dashboard is not active for HRM. Maybe it can be looked into it.

Hello guys, hope you are keeping safe.

Been using this awesome system for a while now, I have noticed its not possible to account for wastage. After doing production, not every output sells and physically it has to be written off as wastage.

I have gone through and it seem its a feature missing, if so, this is just a suggestion, whenever we are about to do a negative adjustment, one to be able to select which account needs to be affected by the negative adjustment option. (In my case, i have created an account under General & Admin Expenses called waste or shrinkage)

I have been struggling with the subject for a while now. I decided to use the demo account and seems well configured. Where am I going wrong in setting up.

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Hey did you ever find a way around printing of inventory transfer reports?