Hello. Thank you for your reply!

I void the sales order and refresh the page, yet it still shows up, and the amount is still there.

Also, I inactive one of the items that I did not want to use anymore, but it didn't do anything? It still shows up as an option to choose from when creating an invoice. So there is no way to delete an item completely? or a sales order? I don't want to see the item at all as an option because I don't want to confuse my team members as they shouldn't be using it.


My main goal here is to delete items in items and inventory. But when I do so, it gave me the notification, "Cannot delete this item because there are existing sales order items for it."

Then I go to set up> void a transaction> .... but can't find "Sales Order"

How do I get rid of sales orders in order to delete extra unused items in my inventory?


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apmuthu - that is not what I am looking for.

joe - Can you explain a little more?

My other question too is - Can I edit the PDF? I would like to delete some items on there.


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Sorry, I just remember we don't use invoices as much. We sent client's a copy of their balance statement each time they make a payment towards their contract fee. We are wondering how to show their total contract fee on that balance statement?  Is there a way?

What is "rep107.php"??? Where do I look for that at the time of the invoice preparation? Also, again, can this be done to the PDF of the customer balance statement?


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On printed pdf invoice, how do you get rid of “item code” section? Can you modify the pdf at all? Some areas words are cut off, also would like to get rid of some wordings on the PDF.

Is there a way to add a field to show a full contract amount? - Not what was paid, but like the total service amount that was agreed amount the client and us on the invoice?

I have created several recurrent invoices as individuals and those invoices never appears. For one invoices, I used 15 for days (due on the 15th) and 1 for the month (due monthly). What am I missing?