@apmuthu: thanks for the quick reply! However I could not find a tax mode setting in Company setup. The only options are
- Put alternative Tax Include on Docs
- Suppress Tax Rates on Docs

Could you point me to the location of Tax mode?



I've been trying to find if it is possible to get FA to accept a 'price before tax' entry and then FA calculates the taxes. I'm trying to create a direct invoice. Here is an example invoice:

Item             Price (before tax)   
Item1             50
Item2             60
Sub Total       110
Tax1 (10%)     11
Tax2 (5%)         5.5
Total Invoice   126.5

Please let me know if this is possible with configuration changes

I'm not sure if this topic is related https://frontaccounting.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=5585



Please let me know if there is some interested to provide intial setup help and handholding for a startup firm. Ideally the person should have knowledge of Indian CoA and taxes.

As a disclaimer, I'm very weak in accounting but I have managed to setup FA on my server and do some basic postings.

I think around of 10 hours of support is what I'm looking for. Please quote your price