joe wrote:

I cannot reproduce this error. Which version? Environment?


Front Accounting Release 2.4.8

Current Bank Balance is Zero.

I went to

1) Bank GL Module - Clicked Bank Account Tranfer
2) Select from Cash Account to Bank Account with 2,000 INR date 09-Nov-2020

When I click Process.

Error Message Shows :   The Bank Transfer would result in exceeding authorized Overdraft Limit of the Account

But same entry try to Pass on same date eg: today 20-Nov-2020. it posted.

May I know how can I fix this error?


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in report Customer Trial Balance, base local value changing based on the latest foreign currency rate.


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For Example Petty Cash with a Flot of 15,000 Indian Rupee.

This usually replenish in a month

So Expense Dr (many are there)
Cr Petty Cash


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When I go to Setup of Front Accounting =>Install/Activate extensions=> We can automatically Update the FrontHrm  (Installed HRM Version 2.4.0-1)

Front Accounting Version also 2.4.1


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In Banking Module - Exchange Rate

Base Currency Indian Rupee


on 28-March 2020  One USD = INR 70

I raised a Invoice 500 USD on 28-March 2020 . So in Customer Ledger the amount is  100 USDx70  = 7,000 INR   .... Ok Cool


on 29-Sept-2020  One USD = INR 73

When I Add this Currency Value on this date. Automatically Previous recorded Invoice on 28-Mar-2020  Changing to  100 USD * 73 = 73,000 INR in the Customer Ledger.

This Customer Balance Change when update each time USD currency.  how can I make without changing the Old Invoice Customer Ledger Value.

I closed GL Transactions from Banking Module for the Aug 2020.

but need to Open to Pass an Entry on Aug 2020. Kindly guide how to Open these period


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Hi I am using latest software released on feb 2020.

I added the Modules in that Fixed Asset & HRM not working. Cannot add Item or Employee

1) May I ask you, Is it possible I can take the older version addon & It will work?

2) Where can I download only Addon with out directly click from Software?


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apmuthu wrote:

Make sure you have sufficient memory set in php.ini

Can you Please explain this? Where I need to check this? Do I need to set any parameter in php.ini


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flpages wrote:

JV = Journal Entry?

YES Correct


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JV Posted Print no Full Page no full Page coming.

For Example If I posted JV which was having more than 5 Page. On Print only 4 & 5 Page Coming. not coming 1st till 5th Page


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I would like to Display Reports and Analysis  =>General Ledger =>  GL Account Transactions same as General Ledger Inquiry type report.

The reason is that

1) General Ledger Inquiry I Cannot download as Pdf

2) GL Account Transactions Report the Description or Memo very congested (rigid) 

Is there any Option for this?

Thank you so much. Its done. Can I ask you. Is it possible to include both in report? System reference & Supplier reference together?

Do we get Cheque Payable & Receivable not cleared list from the Software?

If so please let me know how we can record & how we can get the uncleared cheque list?


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Debug Option in Browser or Debug from Setup Option in software. Please help how to do that

When we type a Supplier Bill there is one system-generated number & another is Supplier's Ref.:    .

When I take the Supplier Report, I want this Supplier's Ref.:     include in the statement. May I know to which report I need to run?


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I cannot able to add Employee in HRM . When I tried to click on add. not showing any error message also not making success.

How can I fix?


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I want to show on Supplier statement System Generated number & Supplier Bill Reference which we are giving.

Is it Possible?

I want to display on Invoice item area 2 Languages at the same time of Printing One English & One Spanish.

Is it Possible? because this region every one doesn't know English.

Where do I get the Template of

1 -  Import Multiple Journal Entries

2-   Import Transactions

3 - Import Paypal Transactions


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I want to know, how to set up compound unit Conversion.

In 1 Box 12 PCS Items Coming. but in the Software Item Unit Maximum Decimal can add 6 Only.

Item and Inventory => Units of Measure = > Decimal Places


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By Mistake Customer Name gave Wrong. When I try to edit that Invoice , Customer Name Edit is not activating.

Can you guide me how to Edit Customer name after Invoice Posted. I have admin rights...


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We are doing Cargo Pick Up Service. We give pre-numbered Booklet Invoices to Customer.

When I enter in FA Software I need to give same Booklet Invoices number on Software Invoice Number. Is it Possible? I don't need auto generating Invoice number. Just enter manual number for each Invoice.

Can you please guide me how to ?