You've developed a pos screen
Now I want to link the screen with the api.
Find a developer to do the job.
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Excuse me.. I've entered an arrested client with all the debts.
And the bills are still pending.

I made a late sale invoice
I collected all the dues from within the accounts for the customer’s account
When visiting a customer’s collection page, invoices remain pending
Although the client account has been liquidated

Here are pictures of the problem to see

You have specified the powers of the user, such as the possibility of making a sales invoice,
But I need to prevent the user from changing the delivery store.

How can I, in any file, i can edit?

How to get to control the size of your sales bill line

Is there an explanation or a way to link with the API
And where to find the API


How much does a screen cost POS

Please help reduce the sales bill size to 80 mm.


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How can I print my sales invoice automatically without opening the print window from the browser

Capital data from the sub-store does not appear in the Inventory Valuation Report

The problem appears in the attached images


Hello Technical Support
Thank you for your support and really great work.
My problem is, when I add a damaged store and extract the inventory evaluation report, I don't find any capital accounts from the perished items.
What's the solution?


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Problem with HR module
When you add an employee, you fail to add the employee
When you press an add-on, nothing happens.
Please help me.