Thanks @dearmosin

  Your comment about "Invoice Against Sales Delivery" got me there. I was selecting "Invoice Sales Order" thinking it should be there, but then noticed "Invoice Prepayment Orders" at the top of that page. I assumed Invoice Sales Orders was for all sales orders not just prepayment orders.

  All good now. Thanks again!

Thank you for your reply @kvvaradha

  I can go to there, but there is no icon to invoice. I get an icon for delivery GL info, Edit delivery note and Print. No Invoice icon.

I have a sales order where the customer payment terms are set to Due Upon Receipt. After making the sales order and then delivering the order, I find that I cannot invoice the order.

  If I select Invoice Sales Order, that document is not listed. Can I un-deliver the item in an attempt to delete the sales order to try again? What did I do wrong?

Should I be concerned if the Final Invoice icon is still displayed for a prepaid order that I have delivered and already invoiced in full. This icon is displayed when selecting the page: sales_orders_view.php?PrepaidOrders=Yes. This only has happened to about 4% of our invoices. I can't think of anything unique to these invoices over the others.

  If I select this icon, I get the "Prepayment or Final Invoice Entry" page where it indicates the full amount in the "Left to be invoiced:" field. If I select the Process Invoice button on the bottom of the screen , I get an error: "There is no non-invoiced payments for this order. If you want to issue final invoice, select delayed or cash payment terms."

  This error seems to be appropriate, because if I manually pull up another invoiced order (that does not have that icon), I get the same error if also select the Process Invoice button.

  Other than that icon displaying, I do not find any problems related to an invoice that has not been recorded elsewhere in FA.


Braath, is your latest mod for rep209.php? If I read the mod right, it's pointing to, but that doesn't seem to work for me.

Thanks Braath. I will try this as soon as I get a chance.

  I understand about the lack of benefit to substantial re-coding.

Another way to work this, I wonder about, is having the option to not record the details found in the Purchasing Pricing tab in the first place. Maybe an option at the Item level? Right now, to solve my immediate need, was to just delete the matching Supplier found in the Purchasing Pricing tab and then print and receive my new item purchase order. I can go in now and delete the new entry in the Purchasing Pricing tab from this receive to prepare for the next time I purchase an office item from this same supplier.

  Would this manual procedure mess up any other FrontAccounting operation or reporting by deleting entries in the Purchasing Pricing tab??

I had the chance to try Braath's mod which allows me to open the PO and it always shows the description I typed in. But when I go to print the PO, it still pulls the description from the item's Purchasing Pricing tab; If there is a supplier by the same name here which has anything other than null in the description field, that is what prints on the PO. If I delete the description in this tab, my PO will print with the new description. As soon as I receive this PO, the description (if blank) is updated in the Purchasing Pricing tab.

  It would be nice to allow multiple supplier entries in the Item's Purchasing Pricing tab as long as the Supplier's Code or Description is unique. I suppose a typo would make for multiple, unwanted entries, too.

  I am tempted to not allow editable description, but then I can't enter the description of the item I actually want.

  Or delete the line in the Purchasing Pricing tab after receiving the PO.

Thanks Apmuthu. But I have many different items from the same supplier. I was hoping to avoid a different FA Item for each product that fits under office supplies.

I have a service item setup for office supplies which is set to allow editing the description. This seemed to work out initially, but am running into an issue:

  I previously purchased tape from supplier "A" which is used in the office so I used my OSUPPLY item on the purchase order and changed the description to "Tape". This worked.

  Now, I need to purchase printer ink from the same supplier, "A", so I use my OSUPPLY item and change the description to "Printer Ink". All seems well, until I print the purchase order and it has "Tape" as the description although the cost is correct for the ink. I then opened the ink PO to edit which now shows "Tape" as the description. I edit the line and rename it "Printer Ink" and confirm the changes. It looks right, so I Update Order. If I reopen or print, the description is back to "Tape".

  Looking into the database, purch_order_details table and the new PO description is "Printer Ink". If I go in to the OSUPPLY item's Purchasing Price tab and remove the price line for the Tape, the PO for the ink prints correctly. It would be nice to keep the price line for the tape so I know how much I paid the last time.

  Am I using the Service Item incorrectly or outside of it's capabilities? Maybe a bug?


Thanks Braath. Again.

I went with your option #4.

Sorry - I get the message:

The total bank amount exceeds allowed limit

  I do not find an option to allow it to go lower than 0 (zero). I am wanting to record a supplier invoice payment.

Is there a way to allow the Petty Cash account to go negative temporarily? We are fine catching up at a later time, so the account can stay this way for awhile.


What is the comparison of the cost of the items in inventory and the actual purchase price. I wonder if the actual purchase price is less that what the system has and so creates this variance after receiving the item.


I have made many changes to FrontAccounting the past 6 months. I have rough notes of these changes. Probably 99% of those changes have been offered from many of you via this forum.

  What is the best way to backup and restore these changes when a new version becomes available? I imagine some of the changes I made to 2.4.7 may already be incorporated in the next version.

Thanks Braathe. I blew right past the main section. After applying your modifications, it DOES address my problem with rounding. Thank you very much.

The rounding modification didn't help my issue. I modified manufacturing/includes/db/ by replacing lines starting at line 65 with @Braathe's suggestion. I still see the differences.

  I have no problem adding a journal entry to clean up. I was more concerned that I was doing something wrong or I setup something wrong and I wanted to correct that. Maybe most people just let this run wild and don't address it at all. I'm not trying to make more work to do, just wanting to follow best practices with the tools available.

  Thank you very much for the insight and suggestions.

I just entered four work orders from yesterday. Only one was accurate from inventory through work in progress back into inventory. Two others were off by one penny. One other one was off by 2 pennies. Each one is not much, but with up to 400 work orders a month, it starts to add up.

With the test php file, I get:

1.7 is NOT greater than or equal to 1.7000000000000002

  I don't need super fine precision. I would like consistency. If I'm taking $33.01 out of inventory for manufacturing, I need $33.01 taken from manufacturing back into inventory. Maybe part of my problem is the difference from my vendors unit of 1 equals 1152 units in my inventory. Standard costs are shown at 4 decimal places.

I saw this option, but thought it was for discrepancies while receiving a purchase order if pricing was too far off of the entered amount. But, I did change the value (not knowing it's potential) with no change to my manufacturing issue. The values I tested with other than the 0.005 were 0.505 and 5.505 - Manufacturing amount inaccuracies are still produced.

Assuming you are referring to a literal term, I do not find a "delta" value in my FrontAccounting's config.php

I also tried precision set at 8, 20 and 40. All returned same, inaccurate, results in my test.

Thanks @apmuthu, but that doesn't address my issue. Precision was at 14 and now at 17. Running FA v.2.4.7, PHP v.7.2.26. At 17, it still happens here.

I have some manufacturing g/l entries that are ending up inaccurate by a penny or two. Not all work orders do this, just some. Is this a PHP rounding issue? Should I just create a journal entry from my 1530 to 1510 periodically to clean up?

Accnt #     Accnt Name                 Debit     Credit
1510    Inventory                                 0.30    
1510    Inventory                                 0.55    
1510    Inventory                                 20.18    
1510    Inventory                                 5.99    
1510    Inventory                                 5.99    
1530    Stocks of Work In Prg         33.01        

Finished Product Receival     
1530    Stcks of Work In Prg                     33.00    
1510    Inventory                     33.00        

Thank you very much. I thought I would get a notice of more replies to this post, but don't remember getting one. Anyways, thank you. I will apply patch when I can. The last line to add looks like the one above it to remove. ??


Yes, thank you. That is what I do now, but since I need it that way every time, I wanted to make it "stick" so I didn't have to click on the Order Date twice.