What ID/Number of systype would you guys propose for an upcoming payroll application, so it could be used in generating GL and other related database postings?


I am trying to create a direct invoice where a customer buys a product and pays in cash on the spot, as in a POS sales fashion.
When I specify a cash payment term the field of cash account is not activated and no input is allowed. The transaction results in crediting the AR and debiting an empty account.
What am I doing wrong?


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I am new to Frontaccounting and I have noticed on Sales quotations there is a field for customer's reference which always appears blank. i didn't seem to find where to assign a value for it.

Could anybody appoint me at that?

Thank you

Thank you all for your replies.
I have taken up the suggestion of replacing the WAMP server with XAMPP, and surprisingly it worked just fine. I am temporarily on limited resources/time to figure what might is causing the problem more specifically on the WAMP server. If someone has taken this step and figured out what the problem is exactly, please do share the findings so people get familiar on the issue.

Thank you all again for your support and help.

Thank you for your support.

Tmp folder is writable and my OS is windows 10.
Openssl is enabled.
Report generation seems not to complete successfully as I don't see any report present in the company/#/pdf_files folder. I tried accessing the Apache log files but nothing seems to be logged on this matter. I still however, haven't run the FA diagnosis/log since I still have limited access to internet for a few days.
Is there any indicators on not having a report present in the pdf_files directory after report generation process?

Thank you

Thank you for your reply.

I have tried disabling the strict sql_mode on the server, restarted and same problem still persists.
I am using the same Firefox instance for both instalation : remote and local. Firefox version 57 64 bit. Report displaying function works fine on the remote server but not locally.

I am using WAMP apache server version 2.4.23
Php 5.6.25
FA 2.4.3

Thank you

I have a to installations, one on localhost and the other is on a remote server. The loading report function seems to be working well on the remote server, however it is not on the localhost.

When i click on display botton to display a report, the progress bar keeps running for a while then i get the warning triangle icon. I tried running it the task while viewing the process on the developer tool and i get this error:
JsHttpRequest: Javascript code generated by backend is invalid.
I am using wamp 2.4.23 as the server, php 5.6.25, mysql 5.7.14

I need a help. Please.

Thank you