Dear All,

Friends, I need to restrict the general ledger to different level of user.

How to restrict and allow the user to access specified general ledger.

Anyone help me to limit the access,pls

awaiting for the response



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Dear All,

I hope Our brilliants friends can help.

I am in trouble to create a wiki to my company. How to create a wiki in front accounting, My team is created a new page, I need to explain that page in wiki.

Can anyone suggest me, how to create wiki in localhost and display user manual in localhost wiki links.
My company strongly recommended to use only in localhost.

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Thanks for the response.

I am expecting to get pictorial representation of the flow to understand better.

Waiting for your valuable response.


Dear All,

The process of the front accounting is good. Live scenario in our state is very different. How can I get the flow chart of front accounting to adopt our business.

Any brainy people suggest me to get the flow chart of the sales module and other which are following in FA.

I am waiting for your valuable response.


In fact, we want to do supplier invoice entry before receive goods. Because goods are imported, it takes 2 to 3 months to receive the goods. Hence supplier invoice entry comes first. But, I didn't find a method by which I can do this.

Thank you for your time and consideration


I want get the production based on the machinery. How to input machinery and how to get the production based on daily report.

Is it possible in the application, If yes suggest me how to produce, If no suggest me where to add code in the application/


How to add additional charges to  particular purchase order after receiving goods.

Here we are using by cost center. In the application how to tackle the over all expense of the goods purchased. How does it affect to GL entries. Pls help me.

I tried by quick entries, but it does not applicable to us since other charges are paying here.

Sir, I did not get you. Manufacture "Reusable Item" how to use it. Pls any simple example.

Hello frnds,

after creating Direct invoice we will take GRN later. How to add additional charges to  Direct Invoice or Direct GRN. how to see the total cost of the particular PO/Items.

Pls provide me a solution to this issue.

I am waiting for the reply.

Thanks for the reply. In our company 90% we are doing Direct invoice and later we will enter GRN,

I need to restrict Auto GRN when I create Direct Invoice to the supplier.

In this application it is not happening. How to do that, pls tel me.

Basically we are Plastic Industry. Here we are transferring item in the form of percentage to one department to another department or location.How to transfer the raw material in the form of percentage.

This application is good at accountability. But I could not find the possibilities of Double entry system. Few application has been provided the double entry system to run industry smoother.

How can I follow double entry system in this application.. ?????? Pls anyone suggest me, It is big challenge to Manufacturing department


In our Plastic Manufacturing company, we are following different invoice and Delivery department to make sale. Two guys are working there. Here I found only one department to do sale.

How to change these code or procedure to make requirement as per needs of our company. Pls anyone suggest me >???? It is very urgent task to me... Pls ...........

How to make Direct invoice and Direct GRN without creating PO.

Later how can we monitor those PI & GRN before and after the payment to the supplier.???/

It is big challenge to our Manufacturing company. If anyone Know well Pls suggest me the procedure to follow..????????

This application can be usable to Plastic Manufacturing Industry.????

I got Confusion. ???????/


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It is a Plastic Industry. How to do Direct sales. Can anyone tel me the procedure with an example...???????

we are basically from Plastic Industry. How can we make reusable waste material in the application.?????????

Cost centre option will be provided through Dimension, So alternative option need to be provide for accounting 1 & 2.


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While creating a supplier we also need separate GL account code, and the supplier will be created under account group "account payable" or "under current liabilities", it will also helps us to get the supplier account statement separately.

How to put the opening balance of all GL accounts in new accounting year or at beginning?


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Hello Frnds,

I am new guy to this accounting concept. Pls any one canhelp the process adopted in the account payable with simple examples.

How to track the Direct invoice number for the supplier.........?????????? Pls tel me with an example