I am planning to replace current grid with jquery datatables with export to excel/pdf functionality,

Also I have work of creating new theme

Please give your quotation , or mail to adarshsomani64@gmail.com


I need to create a multi tab sales application in frontaccounting with direct linking to payment and expenses.

Estimated duration : 10 days

Please share your offer here

or at



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I am not able open popup editors in tabs,

They work only when at main window.

I found that editors array remains blank in this case.

Can anyone help me out.

I actually needed to know, if software looks promising, If not, suggestions please, I am planning to launch it as a business.

Compatibilty just in terms of UI..

One module->application group->Applications

It wasn't an effort to copy tongue

If someone needs my theme, he can avail it from me.

Hey apmuthu,

Thanks for kind words.. but actually it is not yet smart phone optimized, I have plans to develop it, but it will take a hell of changes in every application, because I don't like tabular layouts sad

And I made this theme, I have copied the idea from erpnext, so all credit goes to them, luckily it suited fa too

I don't want to update the code, because I have modified FA completely.

Any suggestions are welcomed

Also , I started to build website at http://www.confret.com

Need suggestions for that too

Hellp friends,

I developed a transport management software on top of frontaccounting's basic banking and setup engine.

I could not develop it as a module, neither I have plans to release it as a module. Even changed some of core functionality to suit my requirements.

I had plans to develop it for my own family transport business, and frontaccounting already had more than 50% pre-built functionality , so I give a big thanks to frontaccounting team to make it that awesome smile

It will suit most of the small-medium transport business owners ,

A check is needed , if it can compete with already established products ( Most of them are desktop based) so I came to expert village of front accounting for demonstration ,

demo : http://www.confret.com/eftms
login details : username : demo
                     password : enterthis@12
                    company : eftms

You will find many things as it is available in frontaccounting, but transport industry work in slightly different way.

Dear Administrator,

Greetings and congratulation for this masterpiece software.

I am trying to develop a new module in FA, and in the applications of this module, there are some cost calculations and purchasing of items and have its own invoices and want them to be accounted.

Please help me in to integrate them with gl and accounting like sales and manufacturing module do.

Apologies for bad english.

Please help me out

Thanks & Regards