Well, I have exactly the same issue. Any idea how to solve this ?


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for sure, but I want to avoid having a user pretending that a transaction that he recorded in FA was done by another user. Now, having more than 10 users, it can become quite tempting to use some else credentials when one is not too sure about a transaction.

Obviously, trust is important and if someone wants to do evil he will always find a way, but if at least i could prevent it while they are logged in, it would be a great step for a better security.


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I wish to prevent that 2 people use the same credentials (login&password) at the same time.

The point is that for any accounting package, it is necessary to be able to trace who did what transactions.

For example, on Pastel. it is not possible that 2 person use the same login & password at the same time. One has to first log out for the other one to be able to log in.

Is there any piece of code to add or variable to set in order to enable this functionality ?

Obviously, it should be possible as FA always knows how many users are connected . So, if 2 users are connected with the same credentials, there is a problem.

After looking in the forum, i did not find the answer. any ideas ?


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Hi apmuthu,
Yes, installed_extensions.php is present in the webroot as well in each company folder.
After test and trials, i managed to delete some modules with the following permissions:
Web root installed_extensions.php / permissions : 777 / User: Apache User / Group : Apache User
Company folder installed_extensions.php / permissions : 666 / User: Apache User / Group : Apache User

Is this correct practise ?



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Tx, i did the following, but when i try to remove a extension (for example: report generator). I get the following error: Cannot open the extension setup file '../installed_extensions.php' for writing.
Yet, the permissions on that file is as follows : # ls -la
-rwxr--r--  1 ApacheUser ApacheUser  7294 Aug 14 22:38 installed_extensions.php*

Is this correct ?


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I have set the $go_debug = 1 and i have many file permissions errors.

I have read the wiki about some folders that requires 777 permissions like company, modules, etc...
Then the rest is the classic web server permissions, which is files 644 and Folder 755

However, i see that for the js files the owner:group must bet set on nobody:nobody.
Is this right ? it seems also that the file with the inc extension needs to be belong to a certain group ??


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Great, tx


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Since i used the php file for translation, i had to increase the "php_value memory_limit" to 50M.

I now wonder if installing gettext does not make the translations lighter in terms of resources used for the server ?


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ok, it makes sense.
Now, i understand why i had a generated php file remotely. It will be the one use for the translation because gettext is not install on my remote server.


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As we can import
* csv :bank statement, price list, etc...
* scan docs

Where are all theses files stored ? is in modules/_cache ?
Plz advise



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tx for your help AlastairR.
I manage to make the language work on my local machine but not on my server. I wondering if gettext is a compulsory apache module for languages to work ?


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I have updated the language in Preferences and it works fine when you click on "Viewing Tax Invoice" but not on "Print this tax invoice" ?
any hacks ?


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Tx AlastairR, I'll try that now !


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I wish to have a different title for the invoice report. This title changes according to company.
Some company needs to have a title 'VAT Invoice', some others 'TAX invoice' and some others 'Invoices' alone.

I found out that this can be change in reporting/includes/doctext.inc

However, because it changes according to company, i would need to write a little script that change the title display according to the company ID (the one find in the file config_db.php).

How can i retrieve this ID ?

Also, do you have a doc that says what are all constant variables and sessions variable ?

in advance