Thanks for the info.Any plans for future to add these options.Also i am confused what is the use then, of adding dimensions when you create suppliers and customers?

       I have created two dimensions level 1 & Level 2 in a company in FA with an intention to track the reports & activity of two different firms operating & doing business under one enterprise .
When i created Suppliers/Customers i selected both dimensions for each suppliers/Customer.But problem is  i am not able to track the outstanding balances of suppliers/Customers under dimensions.Although i am able to see the GL accounts balances under dimensions.
Long Story Short. How can i apply dimensions to suppliers and Customers reports.
Time taken to explain will be appreciated.
Kind Regards

Is there any way of activating a warning system in Front accounting before you delete or change a record.We were using  Peachtree previously and when you try to delete a record or change the record in the peachtree it gives you warning