This is an excellent feature!  However, could we also add an automatic watermark so that fully paid invoices would be stamped PAID across the top?

How can I add customer phone numbers to the Customer Aging Report.  I would like to replace the currency column with phone number(s).



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I noted that this does not apply to Invoices & Quotes.  Any plans to include these in future?  If not, how can this be done manually?


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I just did a fresh install of FA 2.4.7 and had this same problem.  I simply couldn't get the program to work correctly until I commented out the line in as shown:

        //if ($_SESSION['IPaddress'] != $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])
            //return false;

How can I get FA to work correctly without hobbling its security in this way?

I just installed a fresh version 2.4.7 and I'm getting this error.  Please tell me how I can fix. 


What's the status on this?  I'm trying to add Caribbean Dollars (XCD) in ver 2.4.4 but the get exchange rate does not work.


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Is it possible to customize the 2.4.4 Dashboard?


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I would like to use the Zencart import module, but would like the customers and orders to be automatically imported in to Frontaccounting.  Can this be done using something like Cron jobs?  If so, how would I do this?


I have tried the following to get advanced payments to work, and the system seems to accept it, but I would like to know if there are any unwanted implications:

I setup the recurrent invoice as normal, put 12 in the months field, but put -365 in the days field.  The system then offers to produce invoices for the future year.  However, I suspect the invoices would be dated on the day generated, which according to accounting principles, should be just fine.

Any suggestions?

I am upgrading my installation by setting up the new version files to connect to my existing database.  Everything seems to work fine, and I can login, etc.  However whenever I try to enter any transactions such as Sales Invoices the system will not let me add any line items.  There is no error, but the line isn't accepted.

Can anyone shed some light?



I have an urgent request for an inventory update module.  Typically, this will be used to import stock check counts form Excel.  The module should work like this:

1 - After inventory is counted, the quantities are entered into a standard Excel spreadsheet. 
2 - The spreadsheet is then imported into FA via the inventory update module.
3 - The module automatically updates the relevant GL inventory and cost accounts.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in building this module at short notice!



I am using FA ver 2.3.15 and I just installed & Activated the Textcart extension.  Now, whenever I go into Inventory adjustments or Purchase orders I get the above 500 Error.

If I de-activate the extension, the errors go away.  What can I do to fix them?


I am seeking to create a new pricing module for FA.  This module will be able to automatically create item prices from received purchase orders, based on margin percentages that are linked to each item category.

I would like to know if you are able to create such a module, and what you would charge to do so.  I can provide more details if necessary.

Thank you!


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I am soooo grateful for your product!!! 

However, one question:  I do not wish for my banking details to appear on the bottom of my invoice.  How can I disable this?

Thanks again for a first class product!
(Will certainly donate!)


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Hi again,

The other thing I just realized, is that we only pay commissions when the invoice has been paid.  Therefore if an invoice is created in June but paid in July, would it correctly appear in July?  If not, how would I fix this?

Thanks so much!


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Thanks for your help! 
One more thing though:  If I want to change the criteria on the right - say add a lookup filter, etc.  How would I do this?

Thanks again!


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Hello, I have just setup FrontAccounting and am very excited about it.  However there's one sticking point:

My company pays commissions to service personnel, and since there are usually several persons billing on the same invoice (which have to be tracked separately) the built-in commissions system doesn't seem to work for us. 

As a workaround, I have created several inventory items, one for each person and set the cost per item as the person's hourly commission rate.  Therefore whenever I run the inventory sales report I get almost the exact report that I need. 

The one thing that I can't seem to get, is the ability to show only paid transactions (we only pay commissions on paid transactions).  Could you please tell me how this could be done?