Topic: Supplier Payment for general expenses.

Please suggest any solution for the below:

We want to pay to a supplier for stationary expenses using BANK PAYMENT section.

So we did the following :

Pay To : Supplier
Supplier : <SupplierName>

Dedit : Stationary Expenses Account [Amount :500]
Credit : Bank Account [Amount :500]

When we check the profit and loss statment it was fine.

But when we check the supplier balance statement, the amount is -500; so it shows as an advance amount paid to the supplier which affects the supplier balance statement wrongly.

So, is there any way to enter supplier payment for general expenses without entering through SUPPLIER INVOICES section ??


Re: Supplier Payment for general expenses.

You have to make a purchase invoice for the supplier and allocate the payment to the supplier. You have directly written off the expense and hence the loose left over payment entry.

Debit: Stationary Expenses Account [Amount :500]
Credit: Supplier - Invoice for Stationery [Amount :500]

Debit: Supplier - Payment made [Amount :500]
Credit : Bank Account [Amount :500]